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Rabigh Refining & Petrochemical Co

Nasser Damsheq Al-Mahasher , 59

CEO, President & Executive Director

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Saudi Arabia
$17091 mil
$10933 mil
$178 mil
Company data as of 9/9/2019 provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence

Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Company engages in the development, construction, and operation of an integrated refining and petrochemical complex in the Middle East, the Asia Pacific, and internationally. It offers polymers, such as linear low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene, homopolymer polypropylene, and impact copolymer polypropylene; and monomers, including propylene oxide and mono ethylene glycol. The company also provides refined products comprising liquefied petroleum gas, naphtha, gasoline, gas oil, fuel oil, and kerosene. Its products are used in various end products, such as plastics, detergents, lubricants, resins, coolants, anti-freeze, paint, carpets, rope, clothing, shampoo, auto interiors, epoxy glue, insulation, film, fibers, household appliances, packaging, candles, pipes, and other applications. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Rabigh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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